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Mentoring or short-term training courses in Armenia

EU funded Initiative for Armenia

Dear Friends

The German Development Cooperation (GIZ), in the framework of the “EU Targeted Initiative for Armenia project”, has organized mentoring or short-term training courses in Armenia, with the aim of building the capacities of Armenian companies from various industries, by transferring the best available knowledge and experience through the Armenian Diaspora.

In this context, the GIZ has invited Viken Boyadjian to make a presentation to the Jewelry designers in Armenia, and organize training seminars for goldsmiths in major Armenian jewelry companies. The presentations will be held from October 26 to 30.


Viken is a renowned teacher at “Ecole Boulle”, the famous Parisian jewelry design school. He has trained most of the jewelers working now in the workshops of prestigious Place Vendome Jewelry houses.

Prior to his trip to Yerevan, Viken announced:

"The world of jewelry employing thousands of artisans in France, is a very elitist and demanding environment.

To work in this sector, one must be as creative and demanding.

Armenia, with the dexterity and agility of its people can enjoy the opportunities of the opening to Russia and CIS high purchasing power countries, and eventually the EU market. This, provided it maintains a ‘French quality’ work level. "

With the above perspective, it would be interesting to consider opening a professional jewelry school in Armenia. As part of its budget framework agreement of “Eastern Partnership”, the EU would probably take over part of the financing of such a project.

The most important, however, is the transfer of French expertise, which can be realized with the help of French teachers.

Hovel Chenorhokian

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