September 1st, 2017

Why not?. Birthright Armenia

Have you ever thought about going to Armenia to get acquainted with the country as well as see attractive places you would never do as a tourist and learn the language?
Birthright Armenia provides young Diasporan Armenians the opportunity to connect to their ancestral homeland. The program participants commit to at least 30 hours of volunteer, internship per week, they’re given the opportunity to live with a local host family, improve their Armenian language skills, meet and interact with other participants from around the world, travel on an excursion every weekend and gain knowledge and education about the country and culture through our forums and gatherings. The program also provides travel fellowships to its participants to make travel to Armenia more accessible.
Please, check their website as well as a video.

Of het nu lente, zomer, herfst of winter is, zonnig, bewolkt of regenachtig is, of het sneeuwt, we gaan altijd op pad om de verborgen plekjes van Armenië te ontdekken. Neem deel aan onze wekelijkse excursies. Het is geen toerisme, maar een unieke kans om te zien hoe men leeft in de verschillende uithoeken van Armenië. Leer hoe je zelf Dolma, Gata of Lavash maakt bij gastvrije Armeense gezinnen. Ben je klaar om de mooie Armeense landschappen en de vreugde, warmte en gastvrijheid van Armenen te ontdekken? Registreer je vandaag nog. Begin nu aan je reis naar zelfontdekking!
Hasmik Hayrapetyan
Hasmik Hayrapetyan