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Een grandioos gratis concert om de band tussen de Armeense en Maastrichtse gemeenschap te versterken

Նիդերլանդական կայքերը Կոմիտասի քառյակի և Աշոտ Տիգրանյանի  երաժշտական խմբի համերգների մասին

Een grandioos gratis concert om de band tussen de Armeense en Maastrichtse gemeenschap te versterken. Met topmusici uit de hele wereld o.l.v. de wereldberoemde violist Ashot Tigranyan zullen zij vele bekende werken van Bach, Mozart, Strauss, Vivaldi en Armeense melodieën ten gehore brengen.

Maestro Ashot Tigranyan

Ashot Tigranyan is a world renowned concert violinist who graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory where he studied alongside the legendary Russian violinist Leonid Kogan. He has performed extensively throughout Russia, Europe and the United States. In 2006, Maestro Tigranyan expanded his solo career as he founded the Classical Concert Chamber Orchestra, where he acts as both violinist and conductor.

Combining his skills as a conductor and solo artist, Tigranyan and the Classical Concert Chamber Orchestra perform an extensive concert repertoire. Their performances include the Great Baroque, Classical and Romantic works for solo violin and orchestra by Bach, Vivaldi, Haendel, Corelli, Tartini, Mozart, Haydn, Paganini, Sarasate, Saint-Seans, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, and many other composers. Their concerts also include several arrangements featuring Tigranyan himself on violin.

Classical Concert Chamber Orchestra

The Classical Concert Chamber Orchestra is a compact and versatile thirty-five-member ensemble made up of highly accomplished musicians from the United States and Europe. The composition of this ensemble gives a new and different take on the classical concert experience. In an effort to reproduce and recreate the form and sound of a traditional chamber orchestra, Classical Concert Chamber Orchestra’s ensemble of virtuoso musicians works closely to achieve Tigranyan’s vision and is modeled after chamber orchestras of the Baroque and Classical eras. The orchestra works within the original Baroque configurations, however, instead of having a separate conductor, it is lead by its Founder, Music Director and Soloist, Ashot Tigranyan.

The mission of this orchestra is to reconstitute the old language of the violin and the chamber orchestra and to capture the essence of the traditional Russian school of music in a smaller and more intimate environment. The distinct tradition of this style is in its connection to the past and that is what Classical Concert Chamber Orchestra so beautifully conveys in its performances.

Maestro Ashot Tigranyan originally founded classical Concert Chamber Orchestra in 2006 in California. Since its creation, the orchestra has performed in many cities across the United States and in 2012 the orchestra was introduced in Europe and Scandinavia.

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