Niderlandakan oragir (niderlandakan) wrote,
Niderlandakan oragir

ASV & Birthright Armenia

Birthright Armenia & Armenian Volunteer Corps is heading to #Almelo and #Utrecht! Come by and learn about the endless opportunities awaiting you in #Armenia! This is your chance to ask questions and have them answered in person, and learn all about our organizations. From customized professional #internships and #volunteer placements to discovering the hidden corners of Armenia, we have you covered.
P.S. We place participants all over Armenia to gain knowledge and experience in their chosen field (s), learn more about the #Armenian culture and language, enjoy delicious food, make life long friendships, and so much more!
Come move mountains on a journey of self-discovery.
Saturday May 26th
   ALMELO: From 11-1pm we will be at Stichting Yerevan located at Wierdensestraat 127 (yay, free parking) .
UTRECHT: From 7-9 we will be at Winkel van Sinkel in the garden located at Oudegracht 158 (parking could be difficult, but accessible via public transport)
Tags: #almelo, #armenia, #armenian, #internships, #utrecht, #volunteer, հղումներ.կապ.համագործակցություն

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